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Our management has over 50 years experience in ambulance billing. Our staff’s background in Medicare/Medicaid, private insurance, worker’s compensation and patient billing for both emergency and non-emergency ambulance billing leads the industry.


Benefits we provide to our clients include:

  • Guaranteed increase in revenue

  • Ensure your department is HIPAA compliant through MRS provided training

  • Ensure your department is compliant by implementing an updated and current ordinance

  • Payment tracking and follow-up

  • Superior service attention both in person and over the phone

  • We will register your personnel though the State of Illinois IMPACT Registration Process

  • Ability to completely customize your billing cycle based on the needs and preferences of your department

  • Transmittal of patient care reports electronically

  • Decrease the number of refunds issued

  • Ability to analyze the data of your choice using customized reporting custom tailored to your preferences

  • EMS and Fire Billing services for the same price


Illinois Fire Service Administrative Professionals
Illinois Fire Chiefs Association
Illinois Association of Fire Protection Districts
Kankakee Valley Chiefs, MABAS 7
Metro Fire Chiefs
Northern Association of Fire Protection Districts
South Suburban Mayors and Managers Association
Third District Fire Chiefs Association, MABAS 24
Wisconsin EMS Association
Wisconsin Fire Chiefs Association


Q: I know we are at a good rate with our current billing company, should I even bother looking at other companies?

A: Yes. It is very important to remember that a company’s % means very little in this industry. Your department receives over $.95 per dollar collected. Therefore, your collection revenue will impact your bottom line more than the % being charged by your billing company. Medical Reimbursement Services will guarantee to increase your revenue by 15%!

Q: There has been a lot of buzz about Fire Billing; is this something we should do?

A: Fire Billing has taken great strides in the last few years. More and more departments are considering it to help supplement the high operating costs of Fire Departments and Fire Protection Districts. Medical Reimbursement Services will bill all EMS and Fire for the same low percentage.

Q: We currently have Zoll as our EMS software, are you able to import our EPCR’S?

A: Yes. Medical Reimbursement Services is currently operating both Zoll and Tri-Tech software. We are able to import both Zoll and FireHouse EPCR’S directly onto our billing servers.

Q: Our paramedics do not ask patients for any billing information, how will your company obtain this information to ensure quick reimbursement?

A: Medical Reimbursement Services will implement BAA’s with all of your receiving hospitals. This allows us to have the most current billing information for each patient transported.

Q: How quickly will we see revenue after a bill goes out to a Private Insurance company or Medicare?

A: Medical Reimbursement Services sends all of our billing electronically. Therefore, you can expect a payment on an invoice within 2-3 weeks after submittal. Medical Reimbursement Services guarantees to increase your revenue, call today for your customized quote.


We work diligently to integrate with our client’s Fire and EMS software platforms.

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